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Kickboard "KB2"

Off-road compatible kick skate that can be enjoyed in outdoor scenes.
The large 37cm-long deck makes the most of the frame size.
Although it cannot be used on public roads, it can be used at campgrounds and parks with two parents and children.

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  • ・Overall length: 132 cm
  • ・Weight: 7.9kg
  • ・Load capacity: 120kg
  • ・Deck width: 12cm
  • ・Deck length: 37cm
  • ・Deck height above ground: 13cm
  • ・Handle width: 66cm
  • ・Handle height: 86cm-96cm

Includes a freestanding stand
Recommended age: 10 years old to adult

Rate:1,000 Yen (tax inc.)

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