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  • Type 1 (Yellow Hi-Ace)

    Type 1 (Yellow Hi-Ace)

    Happy yellow van in Okinawa's blue sky!
    Rooftop tent and a variety of items come standard! Go on a great adventure of van life that never ceases to thrill!

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  • Type 2 (Mint Hi-Ace)

    Type 2 (Mint Hi-Ace)

    Drive in a good mood with pretty mint van along the Okinawan seaside!
    Enjoy the Okinawan van life on the beach or under the blue sky!

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  • Type 3 (Jimmy)

    Type 3 (Jimmy)

    Recommended for Solo Camping and Girls Camping!
    Enjoy driving the long-seller Jimny in the great nature of Okinawa! Let's go camping in style!

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Premium insurance is required for those who hold international driver's license: MORE INFORMATION

A deposit is compulsory -at Asoviva Works it's fixed at 20,000yen for any of our rental vans. The deposit will be subtracted from the total amount on the day of your departure.

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